Your website can be the most important member of your team.

Let’s make it count!

The Packages

Basic Web Design

+ 7 page Wix or WordPress website custom designed from scratch
+ 2 revisions
+ Guidance on optimal platform, domain, & hosting options
+ Prompts to help you develop compelling copy for your site
+ Mobile-forward & accessible design
+ Post-contract maintenance instructions

Premium Web Design

+ 7+ page Wix or WordPress website custom designed from scratch, including membership or E-commerce sites
+ 2 revisions
+ Guidance on optimal platform, domain, & hosting options
+ Prompts to help you develop compelling copy for your site
+ Mobile-forward & accessible design
+ Add-on: post-contract maintenance package

À La Carte Services

+ Website audit: an analysis of your website in terms of design, speed, and usability
+ Website refresh: an update of your current site on your current platform
+ Website maintenance: minor site refreshes and updates, and even content updates when requested

The Process

Whichever package you choose, the process will include the following three steps:

01. Roadmap

On a call together, we discuss a comprehensive questionnaire that helps me learn about your needs, timeframe, & budget.

I use this to create a roadmap and a plan for your site design and development.

02. Design

I create a site map and wireframe for your website, and identify any missing brand elements. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to let me know what you like and what you love about the design, so I can customize it even more closely to your needs.

03. Develop

I build your site!

V1: a first draft for you to see how the vision from stage 2 looks on the web;

V2: a second draft incorporating all V1 changes;

V3: a final draft with any final tweaks from V2!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it look like to work together?

I start with a questionnaire that helps me learn all about your goals for your website, your preferred level of involvement, where you’re at in the overall process, your budget, and other related questions.

Once we’ve nailed down the scope, I’ll send over a contract.

After the contract is signed, I’ll get straight to work on your website! I assemble any required brand materials (colors and fonts). I build V1, then create a V2 based on your feedback, then (you guessed it!) develop the final V3.

We wrap things up with a conversation in which I’ll teach you how to add content to your site, or (if you’ve opted into my Maintenance offering) shift into Maintenance mode!

Do I need to have a domain and hosting before we start?

If you’ve already purchased a domain name and hosting provider, wonderful!

If you’re at the beginning stages of the process, I will gladly guide you through finding a domain name and purchasing a hosting provider at the beginning of the process.

What about branding materials, do you provide those?

I can provide color and font branding on request, but you should already have your logo by the time we work together.

If you have none of those materials, I can recommend folks who can provide a logo and branding guidelines at the same time as I’m working on your site!

How long before my website is live?

This depends on you and the package you choose!

The Basic Package can take 2 – 4 weeks; the Premium Package up to 3 months, depending on the breadth of the included features; the additional services anywhere between 3 days and 2 weeks.

If you commit to answering all emails within 48 business hours, these estimates remain the same. As your response time goes up, however, so does the time to completion!

I'm in! What now?

Hit the orange button below and let me know! I’ll respond within 3 days, and we’ll go from there.

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